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FIFA55 Review – Why You Should Be Interested in This Bookie..


We’ve heard about the newest trending sports betting book ‘FIFA55’ for quite some time already. It is your new to-go destination for an online casino/gambling. We’ve reviewed the site and are really impressed by many amazing highlights the company can offers, thus it’s better to share the experience with everyone by taking a close look at FIFA55 together.

Introduction to FIFA55

As the name hints, FIFA55 focuses on popular sports gambling like soccer and basketball. However, they didn’t just stop there! In the website, it basically was a gambler paradise where you can play and bet on most of the casino and sport you can think of.

Great thing is that they’re no tiered agent. You’re playing with the owner who you pay and get paid money, overcoming any possible cheating issues/potentials from gambling with representatives or agents.

Best-in-Class Customer Support

Their office is physically located at Princess Holiday Palace, which I think belong to Poipet (A town in Cambodia) Based on our understanding the area is full of professional top-notch casino venues. Although the staff is mostly Cambodian based on their office location, we didn’t have any communication barrier or language issue even we contacted them for issue and question with a little bit of complexity. Their English and communication skills are very fluent and easy to understand. Also to serve the global needs, FIFA55 offers so many channels for contact. Being easy to reach out is one of the most vital aspects for an online casino where lots of money involved, FIFA55 clearly passed with merit on this point in our opinion.

Some contact channels include:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Line Instant Messenger
  • Email & Phone Call Center
  • Live Chat
  • Skype

Bonuses & Offers (Sign Up, Recurring)

You can check yourself for the latest update at FIFA55

Listed below are some of their renown promotions

  • Double Deposit – For first sign up you get double the credit (conditions applied)
  • Ignore 20 percent, measure two — 1 2 pairs; minimal wager is only 50 Bath (~1.5$)
  • Fee reduction for first 5 weeks, as low as 0.5% depending on your first deposit
  • Obtain a buddy to join and receive a 20 percent bonus, your friend also get 10%. (Very win-win offer)

Available Games & Options

As we stated above, this site doesn’t only offer various kind of sports betting. There are various kinds of gaming. The famous and very widely used stakes are Baccarat, Blackjack. Some unique games include Dragon Tiger and Pok Deng (also there are some other Thai games that we haven’t learned the rule yet)

If you don’t like their games they also have more portal access to some other famous casino games that might be more familiar with such as Slotciti or Baccarat Sexy. FIFA55 truly has wide-rages of options available in their system which is why so many people are very into it.


Wide ranges of game. Even Cock Fight is there to play! Just WOW!

Summary & Highlights

Overall FIFA55 has been good for us and we really love the site especially their available games and exotic sport like Muay Thai Betting. Here are some highlights we agree on

  Menu Process Comes at Thai

  • 5 Mins – Deposit & Withdrawal (One of the fastest)
  • Deposit is available around the clock (24/7)
  • 24 H.R. Live Chat is really sweet
  • Thai & Laos Lottery are also available
  • Live Casino
  • Great promotions and offers to cover your first loss