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Number of Tips for Winning the Lottery

Number of Tips for Winning the Lottery

Lottery numbers are drawn randomly; anyone who plays the lottery regularly is aware of this fact. There is no secret mathematical formula or algorithm that’s used for choosing the lottery numbers of a lottery draw. Some consider this a downside because it means that there is no way they can figure out the numbers that will be drawn in the next draw. After all, in order to win a prize through the lottery, you have to have the right numbers or else it is all a waste. But, how do you choose numbers that have the highest possibility of being drawn?

There are some number tips that can come in handy for this purpose and when used right, they just might help you win the lottery’s biggest prize i.e. the jackpot. Do you want to know what they are? Some of the best number tips for how I win the lottery are mentioned below:

  • Odd-even lottery numbers

When you are choosing your lottery numbers, it is a good idea to ensure that the numbers you pick are a combination of odd and even numbers. There are some people that go with all even or all odd numbers, which is not such a good thing because these are rarely drawn and it will only reduce your chances of winning. You can choose four odd and 2 even, three odd and three even or 2 odd and four even, depending on what suits you. This combination is picked in more than 80 percent of the drawings.

  • High-low lottery numbers

One of the most important things that lottery players should remember during number selection is that your choice should be spread out over the entire number field provided to you. If you take a number field and divide it in half, you will get the low half and the high half. The chances of all low or all high numbers being picked are very low and it is better to go with a combination of low and half numbers to boost your chances of getting a match with the ones that are drawn.

  • Lottery number group

For this particular tactic, you are going to have to take a look at the past statistics of the lottery game you are playing. You need to study the numbers that have been drawn in the past because this will help you in identifying what number groups have not been represented in most of the draws. You can also figure out what number groups tend to occur the most frequently. How is this useful? With this information, you will be able to track and study the number groups and decide which ones to omit in your selection and the ones that deserve heavier play.

  • Repeat some of the hits

Another tip that you will learn from statistics is that at least one or two of the numbers that are drawn once will be repeated in the next draw. Some people tend to play the same numbers that were drawn previously, but this is a waste of ticket. Instead of playing all of them, you can choose one or two that you think might be repeated again and then use them in forming your number combination. As long as you choose the best possible numbers, you might be able to get a match and then win a prize.

  • Hot lottery numbers

Again, statistics are vital here. Studying them will show you that numbers that have not been drawn for five games or less account for half of the winning lottery numbers. Numbers that have been out for seven games or less make up for at least two-thirds of all the winning numbers that are drawn. These stats show you that hot lottery numbers have a good chance of being drawn and you can use them for choosing your number combination.

  • Cold lottery numbers

Numbers that have not been drawn for a while in the lottery are referred to as cold numbers. A lot of lottery players decide to ignore these cold numbers because it is very difficult for people to predict exactly when they are going to end their losing streak. If you decide to play a number in a draw thinking than it is due, it is possible that you could be chasing this number for months. However, if one number has been out for a long while, it might be a good idea to include it in your number combination because it just might be a hit.

  • Avoid birthdays and other dates

One of the number tips above clearly state that your number choices should be spread over the entire number field. The biggest problem with choosing your lottery numbers based on your birthday, anniversary or other dates is that this will restrict you to numbers under 31. This will considerably reduce your chances of being able to match as many numbers as possible or not be able to match a number at all.

  • Keep it balanced

Last, but definitely not the least, when you are choosing the numbers you want to enter in the lottery draw, you should remember to keep it balanced. For instance, if you have to select six numbers in a game, you need to add your choices together and ensure that the sum of the numbers should be between 122 and 196. Sums that are within this range take around 70 percent of the jackpots that are paid out.

When you have to select your numbers, you can keep these number tips in mind. These are extremely valuable because they can go a long way in improving your winning odds and you will be able to win a prize, even if it is a small one. In case you don’t want to choose your own numbers, you can try the Quick Pick option that will give you a bunch of random numbers you can try out in the lottery and see if that works in your favor.